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ANTIKI functional foods
The new line of functional foods designed to offer maximum safety for your health, but without sacrificing taste!
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Our supplements, with their associated multidisciplinary strategic plans we offer free of charge,have been shown to rapidly improve health as well as physical and cognitive performance.

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What sets us apart

Utmost quality

We use the most effective and safe ingredients in our supplements, no GMOs.

Continuous research

Continuous research and technological innovation goes into the natural substances we use in our preparations.

Ongoing support

We assist you with a team of medical experts, nutritionists, researchers and personal trainers.

Our supplement range

Why choose
Swiss Natural Med?

At Swiss Natural Med, we respect Mother Nature by aligning ourselves as closely as possible with the concept of the food matrix. Thus, our goal is to exploit the entire spectrum of natural substances, including those defined as secondary foods (such as when you eat some fruit or vegetables).

Moreover, thanks to innovative extraction and processing techniques that respect this concept, we can make the active ingredients more concentrated, safe, bioavailable and absorbable for greater effectiveness..

why choose SwissNaturalMed

Latest products


30 cps / 15g




Powerday: powder / 300g
Immuncare: 60 cps / 51g
Nigthrelax: 60 cps / 32.9g


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Why use
quality supplements?

Along with proper nutritional planning, preferably based on good nutritional foods, it is often necessary to reintroduce certain active ingredients that assist the body in optimising its genetic potential.

Swiss Natural Med supplements help to reactivate beneficial detoxification and enzymatic processes, boosting all metabolic activity while stimulating the body to function properly.

why choose swissnaturalmed

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