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Our goal is to produce the safest and most nutrient foods possible

Our products

Senatore cappelli
ancient durum
wheat pasta

This pasta is made with an ancient “Cappelli” wheat variety, unbeatable in taste and nutritional quality, with the addition of three of the most beneficial spices – organically grown turmeric, pepper and black cumin.


The gluten in this pasta is easily digested and compatible with the immune system. Craftsmanship, bronze drawing and slow drying preserve the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of our pasta.

Tuscan organic
extra virgin
olive oil

Rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin E, for this oil we guarantee a minimum content of 500 mg/kg of polyphenols in each bottle.


To achieve this extraordinary result, the olives must be carefully picked before they are fully ripe.

Cappelli variety
ancient durum
wheat semolina

This wheat semolina is made with an ancient “Cappelli” wheat variety, unbeatable in taste and nutritional quality. It is stone-ground and enriched with potassium to make it healthier.


These flours are ideal for all baked goods and homemade pasta. Everything you cook will smell better and taste exceptionally good, as well as being easier to digest thanks to their low molecular weight gluten content.

Italian organic
chickpea wholemeal

This whole-wheat flour is stone-ground from an ancient variety of Italian organically grown chickpeas. It can be used with other flours for baking bread, biscuits, etc. or to prepare recipes such as Cecina, Panelle, Panissa, tortillas, savouries and many others.

Micronised potassium
bicarbonate suitable
for human consumption

Potassium bicarbonate has many uses: to help baked goods rise, disinfect fresh fruit and vegetables, and dental hygiene. It is a good exfoliant for the face and body, provides relief from irritation, helps prevent excessive sweating and is useful for house cleaning.


The great advantage over sodium bicarbonate is that potassium bicarbonate has alkalising properties that can balance the body’s pH. It also restores the right ratio of sodium to potassium, which is very important for health.