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You must know that according to European legislation, food supplements are in effect foodstuffs, intended to supplement the daily diet. They are a concentrated source of nutrients.

We also have the HACCP certification that establishes rules on hygiene and safety (reception, storage, preparation, sale, microbiological tests, etc.). To further guarantee the safety of our integrators, we collaborate with an external consultancy firm “Swiss Quality Testing & amp; Consulting "which examines each of our supplements (formulations, containers, labels, laboratory analyzes, etc.) before being marketed.

You can write directly to or one of our experts will answer you directly.

Our company and all its team care very much environmental safety and eco-sustainability , they are important values for us, which is why we have chosen to commit ourselves seriously and face new challenges every day to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible , concretely we have already replaced all the materials for on-line shipments with recyclable material (cartons, adhesive tape, filler material , brochure, bag), we never use the classic plastic document holder bag on the package to be shipped, invoices are sent only by email, company cars are 100% electric or hybrid, we will never use plastic jars to insert our supplements , in most cases we use a biophotonic violet glass jar, fully recyclable or reusable to store other foods.

There are many reasons, for responsible companies today packaging has become an important issue. L a plastic is harmful to the environment. Glass packaging is a better choice both from the conservation and environmental point of view, it is known that plastic containers could release dysfunctional substances, also called endocrine disruptors such as Bisphenol A (BPA) or Phthalates, a synthetic chemical substance used in industrial manufacturing.

The special biophotonic glass we have chosen is better for the environment than "normal" glass packaging because manages to maintain product quality for a longer period of time < / span> and therefore there will be less waste. More importantly, our glass is 100% recyclable and can be easily reused at home to store other products.

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