treated with probiotics!

It is a state-of-the-art probiotic, with 24 billion good bacteria created on the basis of the human microbiota
PRO-BIO24: treated with probiotics

treated with probiotics!

It is a state-of-the-art probiotic, with 24 billion good bacteria created on the basis of the human microbiota. PRO-BIO24: treated with probiotics

Why PRO-BIO24 is different

It has an extraordinary formulation composed of: Saccharomyces Boulardii, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, as well as Lactobacillus Plantarum and Bifidobacterium Longum.

The combination of these powerful probiotics is able to prevent the formation of: pathogenic bacterial biofilms of Candida and enterobacteria, to eradicate already mature bacterial biofilms, as well as to inhibit the germination of C. albicans (an important virulence factor necessary for the formation of harmful biofilms).

PRO-BIO24 is a valid ally for your intestinal, immune and sports health and helps you fight inflammations and virulent pathologies.

Discover its properties

contrasto cistiti

Counteracts recurrent cystitis and vaginitis

It protects the intestine from inflammation

Fights upper respiratory tract infections

Eliminates bacterial pathogenic biofilms

Valido alleato contro le patologie croniche

Valid ally against chronic diseases

24 miliardi di batteri buoni

24 billion good bacteria

PRO-BIO24 a natural help against COVID-19

Yes, you heard right! PRO-BIO24 is a natural aid against COVID-19, we should immediately specify it does NOT help cure the coronavirus, but it is a valid ally to improve the symptoms of diarrhea caused directly by SARS-CoV-2 or by the use of antiviral and antibacterial drugs. We recommend regular use to maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota and prevent secondary bacterial infections.

Is PRO-BIO24 suitable for athletes?

Of course PRO-BIO24 is suitable for sportsmen, more generally probiotics have shown very high efficacy against those inflammatory states of the upper respiratory tract, allergies and gastrointestinal disorders resulting from intense sporting activity, but the beneficial effect depends on the composition of the probiotic and PRO-BIO24 with its 24 billion good bacteria contained helps you improve your performance!

What are biofilms

Let’s clarify: 90% of inflammations or pathologies derived from bacteria are attributable to biofilms. In our body there are beneficial biofilms (made up of good bacteria) and pathogenic biofilms (made up of bad or pathogenic bacteria).

Biofilms are therefore aggregated microorganisms (even of different species such as: bacteria, fungi and archaea) surrounded by thin films formed by microbiotic cells.

Why are biofilms so important?

Now that you understand what biofilms are for sure you are wondering why we care so much or if they are important to our health.

You must know that, as well as in the external environment, alsoinside our body the microorganisms underlying bacterial infections grow in the form of biofilms.

In conclusion

Biofilms, thanks to the extracellular matrix that surrounds and protects them, have the particularity of resisting the attack of the immune defenses and antibiotics, making their elimination difficult.

Consequently, the pathogens that are formed through harmful biofilms are particularly difficult to eliminate and many times give rise to chronic and acute diseases. So keeping pathogenic biofilms under control, thanks to probiotics, can help us to live healthily. PRO-BIO24 with its 24 billion good bacteria will become the best ally of your gut and your health!

PRO-BIO24 with its 24 billion good bacteria will become your gut's best ally and we want to become your health's allies!

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