Achieve your goals quickly and easily

Discover the new Personal Wellness Coaching® programme for free and achieve your goals quickly and easily

You are a unique individual and your nutrition and supplementation should be unique too, that’s why reason we provide you with all the experience of our experts.

After two years of hard work we have made our biggest dream come true!

We are happy to introduce you an innovative service (our Personal Wellness Coaching®), totally free, which will allow you to know your possible nutritional deficiencies, plan a 360 ° strategy with indications relating to nutrition, supplementation, training and breathing, in short, everything you need to express your potential to the fullest.

After two years of hard work we have made our biggest dream come true

Would you like to know which supplement is right for you?

Start with our test

Take our test and you will immediately receive a detailed result on your current situation and how you can improve it, because no one can ever tell you which supplement is right for you if your situation is not specifically analysed first.

Start with our test
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Together in pursuit of your goals

As we hope you will appreciate, our aim isn’t just to sell you supplements, but to ensure that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

We will continue to follow you your progress

Through Personal Wellness Coaching® we will guide you along the path to success, creating a personalised and targeted diet and supplementation plan, and providing you with the our experts to enhance your knowledge day by day. We shall keep you up to date and enable you to experience the effectiveness of the most advanced wellness innovations.

Before you know it, you will become a true health expert.

personalized and targeted food and integration plan

How does our Personal Wellness Coaching® work?

Our tailored plan for you is divided into three phases, at the end of which you will be able to perceive a marked change in yourself.

Try the benefits of our supplements for yourself

When used as part of a multidisciplinary strategic plan (such as the one we will draw up for you free of charge), Swiss Natural Med’s supplements have shown unprecedented effectiveness in people who have tried them; they quickly improved their health as well as their physical and cognitive performance.

Stress and fatigue



Muscle tone and energy



Sleep and mental well-being



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Let’s start!

Click on the button to start our test (it will only take 5 minutes) and you will discover the details of your current situation and the most suitable supplements for you. You may then request a personalised diet plan designed by our nutrition experts based on your goals.

On top of that, we will be with you the whole time and we assure you that you will notice the first improvements after only seven days.

Ready to meet the best version of yourself?

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